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I've been riding Specialized bikes since 2011, except for a small break. But not until the summer of 2016, when I began working for Specialized Bicycle Components, did I appreciate the company's passion and dedication for details. Calling it a bike alone is a disservice to countless hours of R&D used to optimize the riders' experience, whether it's getting to work without bike grease on your pants or out sprinting and Olympic Champion. I'm proud to be a part of the process and even prouder to represent my coworkers' on the race course.

Long before my days as a youth triathlete, USA Triathlon has done an amazing job at supporting the up and coming talent in the United States. Without the help of USAT staff, coaches, and races it's impossible to imagine the USA's current level of success. I am proud to be a member of the USAT elite development team and look forward to an opportunity to being a member of the USAT Olympic team in 2020.

The devil is in the details, and that's what makes ROKA's wetsuits sinfully fast. The founders, Kurt and Rob, have done an astounding job at revolutionizing the wetsuit industry. But they didn't stop there. Now the leaders in the sport, ROKA has an amazing spread of apparel and gear for all aspects of triathlon. In my first year back to the sport, I'm excited that ROKA believed in my abilities and chose to support my goals.

Jim and Mieke started Quarq power meters in Spearfish, SD, close from my hometown of Rapid City. From joining group rides to learning about the engineering process, the crew at Quarq have been supporters of my triathlon aspirations. Representing a local company at the global level makes it even more meaningful. With my data driven mind, Quarq allows me to track my progress and execute races to the best of my ability.

You may have already guessed it, but this is a family business that my parents own and operate. Our guest cabins are just five miles from Mt Rushmore in one of the most beautiful places on Earth to visit and train for triathlons. We also raise Himalayan yaks, free-range organic egg laying chickens, and honeybees.  My parents and Yak Ridge have helped support me for many years and are currently providing travel, website support, and of course healthy food. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Thanks to Someone’s in the Kitchen, Dakota Seafood Company, Cask and Cork Distributing, Kokomo Winery I’ve made a big step toward fundraising for my travel this season. Someone’s in the Kitchen was gracious enough to donate their cooking class kitchen. While Dakota Seafood Company and Cask and Cork donated seafood and wine. Erik Miller, owner and founder of Kokomo Winery volunteered his time for a special wine tasting as a part of one of the classes. With their help, my Mom and I taught three gourmet cooking classes.
Someone’s in the Kitchen is a premier “all things kitchen” store with a teaching kitchen and great selection of high quality affordable wines. From handmade local products to the best in French cookware, they have it all. They have outfitted our family kitchen for more than 20 years.
Dakota Seafood Company flies fresh seafood into Rapid City, SD five days a week. All the seafood is caught or captured through humane sustainable methods and sold locally at the peak of freshness and quality. Staff are also extremely helpful in offering the freshest seafood!
Cask and Cork is a South Dakota distributor that focuses on high quality boutique wines, like Kokomo.


Thai Meals to Go is a local business started by April Malik. She cooks amazing and healthy Thai food for pre-arranged orders. With the help of April and her five daughters, Thai Meals to Go organized another fundraising cooking event. This time, April, her daughters, and my family prepared pad Thai, spring rolls, and mango sticky rice for more than one hundred and fifty people in a just a few hours. My family is passionate about cooking so this was a great time to share our joy for cooking with members of our local community.

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